Service: minimum equipment list

Minimum Equipment Lists (MEL):
Cornerstone proof of airworthiness

Minimum Equipment Lists (MEL) allow aircraft operation in certain non-standard configurations as permitted by approved documentation.

Such approved documentation has to match the highest standards, since it is an essential means to ensure the safety of your operation.

In this context, having Minimum Equipment Lists (MEL) meeting regulatory requirements at all times is a vital cornerstone to ensure and prove your aircraft level of airworthiness and prevent operational (revenue) losses.

Although each MEL is based on the aircraft type related Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL), it has to be tail-sign specific.

Let TRS get your minimum equipment list off the ground

It is your responsibility as operator to develop an MEL containing the related operational and maintenance procedures in consideration of the given flight operations and the given operational conditions.

Our experienced team of editors will provide you with high-quality MEL that will meet all relevant regulatory requirements and will ensure the safety of your operations at all times. TRS Aviation Consulting experts can take care of all your MEL (and CDL) related needs and provide advice and consultancy services in any negotiations with the respective approval authorities.

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