Aviation Compliance Management

High Quality Aviation Compliance Management by TRS Aviation Consulting

Companies active in flight operations must meet requirements relating to documentation, auditing techniques and reporting. These are regulated by EASA, among others. TRS Aviation Consulting supports you in complying to legal requirements and achieving optimum operation with the help of individual Safety and Compliance Management Systems.

Compliance Management in Aviation

Aviation companies work professionally and safely when they comply with regulations and guidelines in a regular and dutiful manner. It is irrelevant whether it involves compliance with external legal requirements or internal guidelines.

A company’s compliance management includes all relevant areas of activity and the associated legal standards. For compliance management, the company defines its individual guidelines from internal and external requirements.

TRS Aviation Consulting supports you in this process and develops specific measures for each area. These measures are part of your personal Compliance Management System, which is tailored to your needs. In this way, we identify risks and prevent violations of standards.

Aviation: Compliance to internal and external regulations

External requirements are primarily imposed by e. g. EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency), the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), the UK CAA (UK’s Civil Aviation Authority) and the U.S. FAA (U.S. Federal Aviation Administration). They establish and monitor uniform and high safety and environmental standards in the respective areas of aviation.

Since March 2006, compliance with these official requirements has been mandatory for aviation operations and must be monitored with the help of Safety Management Systems (SMS). Compliance management is an important part of the SMS. Compliance Management Systems must therefore cooperate with Safety Management Systems.

Quality Management Ideas

Internal regulations are defined by the aviation company itself. Their purpose is mainly quality and financial management.

Compliance management consists not only of written guidelines, but also, for example, an appropriate training program for employees and management or the establishment of a contact point where compliance violations can be reported. All compliance measures form the Compliance Management System.

How do flight operations maintain a high standard of compliance management?

TRS Aviation Consulting GmbH helps you meet the latest security standards and regulatory requirements and implement an effective Compliance Management System. Our goal is to make compliance with regulations and laws as easy as possible.

We also ensure that your operational structures, processes, and measures enable you to run your business in compliance with the rules and to work in a high-quality and productive manner.

We adapt the processes individually to your company and thereby form the basis for your compliance management system. Monitoring the implementation of the quality management actions taken in your organization is an essential part of our services:

  • Document Management Services

Operations Manuals, Quality Manuals, Security Manuals and much more: TRS Aviation Consulting supports you in keeping your documentation in compliance with the official regulations. We monitor regulatory updates, keep you informed about changes and new developments that may affect your operation.

  • Minimum Equipment Lists (MEL)

The MEL lists all instruments, equipment or functions that may be defective. They also regulate how long, to what extent and under what conditions the aircraft can be operated with certain inoperative or missing parts. The MEL is crucial for a safe aviation operation. Therefore, they must be strictly observed.

  • Consulting

We provide you with the necessary competencies to optimize your auditing techniques. TRS Aviation Consulting GmbH has more than 20 years of consulting experience in the aviation industry.

Aviation Compliance: Quality is vital

Compliance management ensures that imminent breaches of duty are recognized in time and that any resulting damage is prevented by taking appropriate measures. In addition, you shall not only comply with security requirements, but take the opportunity to also optimize your business processes in the long term.

The experts at TRS Aviation Consulting GmbH will carry out examinations and audits, issue inspection reports and documents as evidence for the National Aviation Authorities as well as for your clients. Your existing procedures will be reviewed and optimized, or – upon your request – started from scratch, fitting your specific needs and all legal requirements. A recurrent analysis of your procedures and their practicability is part of our services.

TRS Aviation Consulting offers tailor-made service and quality management packages precisely fitting your needs.

Aviation Compliance Management: We help you meet all requirements

Each aircraft operator is forced by legal requirements to implement a functional quality assurance system to be in accordance with the requirements and specifications of the relevant national Aviation Authority.

TRS Aviation Consulting will help you fulfill the requirements of national and international Aviation Authorities. We will assist you in securing and further improving your competitiveness and profitability. Our team can provide concepts suitable to your individual needs of aviation compliance management.

Our team has many years of experience in the airline industry and is always up to date with the latest practices. It provides our clients with all regulatory developments even before they come into force. In doing so, TRS Aviation Consulting stands for the highest level of quality standards, reliability, and process orientation.