TRS Aviation Consulting GmbH

Our mission: Keeping you on the safe side – always

As aviation experts who share your passion for flying, the mission of TRS Aviation Consulting is to do everything in our power to keep your operation safe, compliant, performant, and competitive. From documentation to consulting, we bring our creativity and our precision to bear so that you can soar to ever new heights.

High quality consulting services in the aviation industry

Since 2001, TRS Aviation Consulting has been looking ahead to provide high-quality consulting services to our customers in the aviation industry. Based on the analysis of regulatory changes, we cover a full spectrum of services to make life easier for commercial and non-commercial flight operations.

From Document Management Services via Minimum Equipment Lists to Compliance Management and many more, our clients can rely on our commitment and our wide experience and expertise. We help our clients make lasting improvements while complying with the latest safety and security standards and legal requirements.

Experience counts, creativity scores

Our team has a long track record of experience in the airline industry, staying abreast of actual practice, making all regulatory developments available to our clients even before they become effective. In this, TRS Aviation Consulting stands up for the highest level of quality standards, reliability, and process orientation.

Two of the things our clients appreciate most about our work is that we always provide tailor-made solutions precisely fitting our clients’ needs – and that our holistic service offer, in its performance and benefits, goes far beyond the respective individual elements. Each of those is important, to be sure, but it’s in their creative combination that our services unfold their full potential for our clients.

TRS Aviation Consulting: Our Services

TRS Aviation Consulting provides high quality aviation consulting services. Our team consists of aviation specialists with a wide experience in airline and business aviation as well as airport and flight operations.

The knowledge and experience offered by TRS Aviation Consulting will help you improve your business processes and succeed in audits.

Regardless of the size and the complexity of your operation, our team of highly qualified and continually trained staff does everything to fulfill your needs. Your company will benefit from our truly customer-oriented approach driven by a commitment to excellence.